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Helena, The Junior

CIFF Blogger Spotlight

When did you start your blog?


In 2009 when I became pregnant. It became professional in 2011.


What inspired you to do it?


I first started blogging when I got pregnant, my husband is English and I'm Swedish and we thought a blog would be a great idea for our family and friends to follow. It escalated pretty fast to something more and now I combine three of my favorite things: my family, fashion and photography.


Are you surprised you've been at it as long as you have?


Yes and no. When I start something I very easily get caught up in that particular project and give it everything, so I kind of knew I couldn't stop once the blog took off! I really love doing it and I like to have projects outside of my daily work for pure inspiration and just be able to do something for myself.


What is it about children's fashion that fascinates you?


For me it's something fun and really creative. As with adult fashion you want to express yourself in some way. This is just as important when it comes to kids and kids fashion! There are so many great and unique brands out there that deserve the spotlight, I really admire the designers behind the brands and love hearing their stories. 


Has your perspective on fashion changed since you began blogging?  If so, how?


Very much so, I look for and value totally different things now. Buying something with a history or a Fair Trade product has become much more important to me. I also appreciate the hard work that it goes into garments or a collection. I don't shop like I used to and that's a good thing!


Creating quality blog content on an ongoing basis is hard work. What keeps you motivated?


Sharing things and finding inspiration both for myself others is important to me, it's so great and we all benefit from it. I also love to tell stories with pictures. It's kind of what I do on a daily basis at work, but with my blog it's more personal. 


As a blogger, how would you describe your contribution to the fashion industry?  How does it differ from a journalist's?


As a blogger I don't have an agenda or any commercial motivation for what I do. Bloggers communicate in a way which people outside of the industry can understand and appreciate. We also express a very personal opinion not coloured or guided by any set editorial policy or style.





Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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