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CIFF KIDS x Little Scandinavian and Paul & Paula

CIFF KIDS is thrilled to announce this season's collaboration with top bloggers Bianca Wessel from Little Scandinavian and Peggy Juche from Paul & Paula.

On Thursday, February the 2nd at 11:30 at the Speakers' Corner, the bloggers will give a presentation calledBrand Buyer Blogger – one team, one mission”  and share their success stories as well as an excellent list on how influencers, brands and buyers can work together and achieve success, followed by some fun do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, the duo will also take over the CIFF KIDS Instagram feed on the second day of the fair and share with you highlights from the show in their lens.

With several years of experience in the kids industry, both bloggers have extensive knowledge and understanding on how to build strong and long-lasting relationships with brands and buyers, and how brands and buyers can approach and interact with influencers. So save the date, their talk is not to be missed! 

We sat down with Peggy and Bianca for small, yet fascinating interviews. Discover the people behind the blogs on the Q&As below.

Peggy Juche • Paul & Paula

Peggy is originally from Berlin, Germany. After various stops around Europe she is currently living in the South of Sweden together with her French husband and four children.

Discovering small brands with a story, a deep passion about their work and high quality products is something that makes her happy. To share that happiness she started Paul & Paula in 2010.

In 2017 Paul & Paula will expand. Peggy will work closer with brands and business owners in the kids industry. Using her network, knowledge and vast experience and consult with product selections, social media outreach, connections to retailers and agencies and more.

Her motto: Connecting the kids world!

For how long have you been blogging and why about kids/the kids industry?
Paul & Paula started in May 2010. Out of the blue. And even so the whole idea of starting a blog was very spontaneous I just knew instantly that I wanted to write about kids. Not a mum blog but sharing my passion for kids fashion and everything well made and of quality for the little ones. I always had a soft spot of finding things that you would not see everywhere. It was just enhanced the moment I became a mother.

How would you define your blog?
The perfect place for modern parents really. Newest trends from the kids fashion front, a great selection of toys and furniture, inspiring family travel destinations and it all coming with a very international vibe. Paul & Paula is very selective and only shows and works with people, brands & shops that fit our style. We blog every day!

How has blogging changed over the time in your perspective?
Blogging is serious business now. And people realize it more and more. Some years ago people were nearly scared to say that they were bloggers. For a living. Now it is normal. From journals to journalism.

Even so the name is shifting from blogger to influencer actually. Another thing that has changed.

What else. Things get more and more visual. You need to get people with images or they click away. Social Media is growing and channels such as Instagram are real micro blogging platforms and become more and more important.

Where do you see blogging in the future?
As mentioned bloggers became influencers. We get more and more recognition. We are business owners and in the future you will see more and more lines and products by bloggers aka influencers. Not promoting other brands but their own!

And I see V I D E O in the future. A lot of live video.

Who is behind the blog, tell us a thing that people don’t know about you.
When I was young{er} I was a big metal/ hard rock fan. My favourites were {still are actually} Life of Agony, Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Nine Inch Nails. I can sing every Depeche Mode song and I was once in a lift together with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. It is still my favourite kind of music, it is just rare that I put them on - quiet moments are very cherished when you have four kids.

What’s your most loved family tradition?

Traditions are interesting in our French/German family that does not reside in one of these two countries. We love to embrace traditions from the countries we live in and try to find a good way of combining the French/German way of ‘doing things’. One thing we all love and that I grew up is the Advent Calendar. I make one for the children and my mum often sends some for the kids as well as for me and my husband. Opening the little doors first thing in the morning makes getting up during these dark days really much easier.

Bianca Wessel • Little Scandinavian

Bianca is a Norwegian living in London and mum of two beautiful girls.
Her blog, Little Scandinavian is a niche blog, serving as a gateway to the world of Scandinavia, sharing fashion, design and a inspiration for a relaxed family lifestyle, including easy healthy recipes and also some truly amazing travel ideas.

For how long have you been blogging and why about kids/the kids industry?
I’ve been blogging since 2007. Originally to document our expat life in the UK, but it quickly transpired into children’s fashion due to my interests, with Little Scandinavian born in 2009. I think children’s fashion and design are a lot more fun than anything else as designers allow themselves to be a bit childish and playful. With their creativity flowing the finished result can often be some truly extraordinary pieces - for lucky little ones.

How would you define your blog?
Little Scandinavian is a niche blog, a getaway to Scandinavia with a focus on trends and news for a relaxed yet stylish family lifestyle, inspired by the Nordic region.

How has blogging changed over the time in your perspective?
It’s been a huge development, from when I started blogging and few would even know what a blog was, to today with free and user friendly platforms offering cross publishing across several sosial media channels and top bloggers being treated as celebrities with businesses growing understanding of the increasing importance of partnering with bloggers.

Where do you see blogging in the future?
Social media channels popular today was not even launched when I started blogging. These plattforms have opened up possibilities for the blogger to share their opinion and voice to a wider audience with hashtags and links - as social media suddenly became a lot more social! Top bloggers today are called influencers, who not only are experts in their field but also tech savvy and who quickly adapt to new technology. When you ask where I see blogging in the future I think blogging, as in an influencer posting and sharing their opinion with their audience, is still in rapid growth as more and more people get online. This is a trend I don’t think will turn anytime soon.

Who is behind the blog, tell us a thing that people don’t know about you.
Little Scandinavian is a traditional family business where all hands are on deck; from my husband who is IT educated and in charge of the technical side, Beatrice who is now 15 has been proof-reading since the blog was started, the youngest, Amélie now 11, has featured the most on the blog as she loves being in front of the camera. As with any family business, it is not only a job but a lifestyle.

What’s your most loved family tradition?
We have many family traditions, mostly typical Norwegian traditions; from Easter spend in a smal cabin in the mountains, with ski jump competition, eating oranges , playing ‘Yatzy’ and reading 7 year old gossip magazines. Then there’s the magical Midsummer with flower crown on our heads and a bonfire until the early hours. For Christmas we have ‘Sankta Lucia’, almond in the porridge with a marzipan pig to the one who get the almond (this make sense if you are from Scandinavia), dancing around the Christmas tree and to go ‘Julebukk’.

But perhaps the most loved family tradition for me is from my childhood. To mark the changing seasons we would ski until the very end of the ski season, usually until end of April. After a day of skiing we would drive straight from the snowy mountains above Oslo, and down to the fjord - where we would all go for a swim. I can assure you it was a freezing experience with lots of screams and laughter and arguable my most loved family tradition.


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