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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair invites Stavros Karelis of MACHINE-A to curate CIFF RAVEN Special Projects area for the upcoming January 2018 edition in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

CIFF Director and Creative Director Kristian W. Andersen and Stavros Karelis, Founder and Buying Director of MACHINE-A, announce a collaboration which will bring to Copenhagen a selection of the most interesting brands from all over the world, unconventionally mixed together.

Karelis, a pivotal figure in London’s fashion scene because of his tireless support to youth culture and whose store has been repeatedly listed as an unmissable shopping destination from top magazines all over the world, will curate this project with the main goal of showing brands and designers who are pushing the boundaries between fashion & art.

CIFF has been acknowledged as Europe’s most dynamic fashion fair with a strong vision on creativity and innovation. Supporting emerging talents by giving them the chance to enter the market is a CIFF key point, developed through a strong global community sharing the same values: always looking for what’s next, being tightly connected within the community through online and digital tools and still encouraging people to physically meet and confront with each other.

«CIFF Copenhagen pays great attention to creativity, people, emerging designers and brands. In a similar way, through my work with MACHINE-A, we have always focused on upcoming brands and talented people who are curious and unafraid to experiment, hence defining fashion in the most unexpected way. This careful mix of emerging and directional, established brands brings in a new way of presenting and showcasing fashion, which is not just about products, but is also about the art of curation, the importance of collaboration. This leads to a community celebrating creativity, vision, inclusiveness and diversity. I would like to present, in CIFF January 2018 edition, some of the brands, designers and creative people that I hugely admire, who are pushing the boundaries between fashion & art. It is time for the fashion people to talk more to designers and to learn about their vision. As a buyer, I think CIFF happens at a specific time of the year when we can all have a better chance to experience the collections with no pressure», Karelis said.

“We CIFF are committing to selecting brands with great potential and to attentively mixing alike talents. We warmly interact with exhibitors, buyers, press and visitors to grant them the most effective experience and we do this all over the year as a community constantly keeping in touch. We believe ideas come first, therefore we firmly support young designers and we focus on people, whom we physically meet and engage with, to create strong relationships. When we first came across Stavros, we immediately felt his unique business model and his innovative ideas as a part of our community. We both focus on people, rather than just business, and we both want to make a difference, so it’s been natural to become partners for this project», Andersen said.

The installations for the 31st of January 2018 edition will be:
- i-D
- MM6


ALYX – New Happiness – Love Chaos - ALYX will be presenting never-before-seen imagery from the 'New Happiness · Love Chaos' catalogue photographed by Nick Knight in the latest instalment of the longstanding collaboration between Knight and Matthew Williams. A brand that embodies the need for an immersive lifestyle, the booth will utilise film, sculpture, imagery and music to envelope the viewer into the world of ALYX.


DO IT YOUR SELF - A Max Lamb DIY Chair with Characterisation c/o Virgil Abloh curated by Sami Janjer – British designer Max Lamb, creative and design lexicon Virgil Abloh and curator Sami Janjer will present 'Max Lamb “DIY CHAIR” with characterisation c/o Virgil Abloh' at Copenhagen’s International Fashion Fair 2018. Utilising Max Lamb’s democratic “DIY CHAIR” concept created in 2008, Max Lamb presented an accessible, affordable, Do-It-Yourself method to making your very own chair. Inspired by Enzo Mari’s ‘Autoprogettazione’ (Self-design-project) of 1974 and the ‘Rough and Ready’ furniture by Tord Boontje in 1998; “they are to be constructed using very cheap and common building materials readily available from your local DIY shop or hardware store” Max explains. “Using simple hand tools and joinery methods by you, a design for everyone and anyone; my DIY Chair provides a template for affordable and functional design, which can be easily constructed by both the highly technical and less practical person alike.” Ten years since it’s first inception curator Sami Janjer invited Max Lamb to revisit his “DIY CHAIR” this time alongside Virgil Abloh to add his own elements of characterisation to the chair. In keeping with the concepts' intention of affordability and accessibility, Virgil has chosen to work with ink dying techniques to allow for stain and colour to the wood before or after the chair’s assembly, allowing room for participants to make it their own. Max Lamb “DIY CHAIR” with characterisation c/o Virgil Abloh will be presented as an installation, a free-standing timber structure concept which allows for maximum viewing from the outside and minimal from the inside. Housed within the installation will sit a workshop complete with materials and tools for the “DIY CHAIR” to be created, assembled, dyed and characterised per Max Lamb and Virgil Abloh overview.


i-D: i-D-i-Y - launched in 1980, i-D was intentionally hand made with Issue One being printed by a fanzine printer and on the opening day of CIFF 2018, our current design team – creative director Graham Routhwaite, senior designer Rebecca Boyd-Wallis and designer Kristina Britton – are inviting visitors to lose themselves in our 37-year-history before creating their own photocopied D-i-Y zine. While offering a smile and a wink to our cut-and-paste beginnings, the workshop is a reminder that i-D has always stood for ideas, identity and instant design. Now’s the chance to show us what you stand for using archive tear-outs, slogans and statements from i-D's past, present and future.

i-D has built its reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture, beginning as a fanzine dedicated to the street style of punk-era London in 1980. It quickly earned its position at the vanguard of fashion and style, abiding by the premise of originate — don't imitate. i-D has come a long way since its pre-digital, cut-and-paste days and has developed into a glossy magazine that documents fashion and contemporary culture, while continually breaking ground defining it too. i-D continues to encourage creativity, which is why after more than 37 years, it still manages to surprise and inspire.

Maison Margiela MM6: untitled - Maison Margiela MM6 will arrange a work in progress diorama to invite all the visitors to wish their greetings and contribute to an ever-changing set, during the three days of the exhibition. Launched in 1997 as the Line 6 and later dubbed MM6 – The Contemporary Line, Maison Margiela MM6 takes an unconventional approach to feminine, casual codes through contemporary cuts and prints with women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and leather goods. It is easily recognizable due to a single horizontal stitch, visible from the garment’s exterior, which fastens the MM6 label to each garment.


Oakley Samuel Ross: Oakley by Samuel Ross - the Californian brand and the multidisciplinary creative director and designer gave birth to an experimental collection based on Oakley’s history of research and technological innovation for outdoors performance wear. A conversation in which unique combinations of materials and innovative production techniques are blended with abstract elements, according to Samuel Ross’ vision. There will be a mix of natural and industrial materials, mainly stones, and ropes, to create an installation which will encourage the visitors to walk through and experience the feeling of depth, exploring different routes. Ross purposely fragments the notion of outdoor landscape in a stark and minimalist spatial experience.

SHOWstudio: SHOWstudio Fashion Illustration Pop-Up: The fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion online, will be bringing highlights from its extensive fashion illustration archive, for a three day pop-up event. Not only will these works be available for sale, but long time SHOWstudio collaborator and artist Fiona Gourlay will be illustrating looks from CIFF’s AW2018-19 fashion shows. Allowing the public unprecedented access and insight into her unique artistic process, the space will evolve day by day as Gourlay will be drawing onto the walls directly.

Void: 1 Granary | Void - Launched in 2017, VOID was created to explore new methods of supporting young fashion design talent. Founded by 1 Granary, the initiative provides a platform for education, offers behind the scenes help, and simultaneously kickstarts careers by connecting emerging designers with established industry figures. Building bridges between generations, VOID questions the current fashion system, and aims to start a conversation through a series of international events, talks, workshops and exhibitions. This instalment of VOID will display a selection of photographic stories of young design re-imagined through the eyes of prominent stylists and photographers in the industry. Next to the exhibition, emerging designers are given the opportunity to present their collection directly to the CIFF audience. Selected by the 1 Granary Showroom, these young talents represent the future of independent fashion design:
Arnar Jonsson

Bianca Saunders
Camilla Damkjaer
Thomas Sehne

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About CIFF
More than 60,000 square meters where nearly 2,000 brands are hosted twice a year inside Bella Center in Copenhagen. CIFF – Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is a trade & trends platform including also CIFF KIDS, a special area devoted to kidswear in Forum, and CIFF SHOWROOMS, about 15,000 square meters of luxury showrooms, where more than 500 brands have their own permanent space in Bella Center.

Located in Soho’s Brewer Street in London, MACHINE-A is renowned for showcasing the world’s most exciting young designers, along with some of the most sought after established brands. Founder and Buying Director Stavros Karelis has been named in the Business of Fashion’s top 500 people shaping the global fashion industry 2 years running, as well as being voted by GQ in the list of 35 most successful men under 38. MACHINE-A has been named in V Magazine’s 11 coolest shopping destinations on the planet, The Evening Standard’s 50 best boutiques in London, and I-D’s Legendary London stores.


Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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