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5 Questions with Maria Black

MARIA BLACK, the fashion-forward conceptual jewellery brand will for the first time exhibit at CIFF in August for SS18. We're proud to be able to showcase Maria Black at the fair.

Your first collection was launched in 2010. Can you tell us how the brand began and what the process of building your brand has been like?

I launched my first collection “MBJ” in 2010, built on ambition and passion for precious metals and a fashion-forward approach to conceptual jewellery design.
Four years of apprenticeship in London and Copenhagen culminated in a Goldsmith degree graduating with highest honours in 2009. As a crowning moment of my academic studies, I won a design grant and received personal royal recognition from HRH Queen Margrethe II. of Denmark.
From my London studio, I created the MBJ eponymous collection letting my Nordic roots translate into classic, understated, sleek lines combined with edgy, sexy and dramatic shapes perceived on my travels, where I had studied the cultural elements of body adornment.

MARIA BLACK is founded on the pure idea of combining aesthetics and artistry with a passion for precious metals and a fashion-forward approach to conceptual jewellery design. Can you describe the women you are designing for?

The Disruption woman is a true and honest spirit, quick to laugh, freedom loving and secretly vain although you could never tell, because of her effortless style.

You have travelled from across Europe to Brazil and India. Is travelling what influences you or where do you find inspiration? 

A life-defining curiosity of world cultures led me to explore the world and my desire to create has been sparked from the inspiration and beauty I have found along the way. There is a clear Scandinavian influence in my work, it’s the interplay between clean-lined elements and dramatic sculptural shapes that has become my greatest signifier.
My collection theme arises from a feeling or reaction to what is happening in society, fashion, art and street trends. My latest collection was inspired by Sade (UK artists from the 90s) and FKA TWIGS with big hoops. And suddenly there was this urban street feeling that burst into the DISRUPTION collection. The design work then consists of interpreting this feeling into a specific look.

The first Maria Black flagship store opened up in Copenhagen in 2013. Your brand is represented in more than 35 countries around the world. What are your plans regarding the future of the company?

My plan is to continuously innovate the perception of the body adornment with unrivalled stories and newly invented features. By delving into cultures and people, I strive to connect a global community celebrating individuality. I will consistently continue to challenge and revolutionise the significance of jewellery. Maintaining the success continuation, offering a unique customer experience supported by a representation in the most trendsetting design and lifestyle stores around the world, is my highest mission to achieve.

Maria Black will be showcased at CIFF SS18 for the first time. What are your expectations?
I have high expectations. With CIFF being the largest fashion fair in Northern Europe, it is a great opportunity to reach out to an international audience and invite them into our carefully curated universe focusing on Gender-neutral.


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