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Meet the brand: Irene from Bonton

This is Irene Cohen, Founder & Artistic Director of BONTON. The 16-year old brand is ready for an European expansion and is showcasing at CIFF KIDS for the first time. Read our Q&A with Irene below.

How would you describe Bonton to someone who never heard of the brand?
Bonton is a brand created on the need for basics with the magic of overdyed process which brings every season more than 20 Colors, Accessories of Fun & Lifestyle. Bonton is also a brand who works with Children Calendar, so you will find all you need for kids, for every season, every important moment of the year; from your birthday to Halloween.


Why did you choose to showcase at CIFF KIDS this upcoming season?
We thought that Bonton was enough grown up to go conquer new market, and reach new markets in Europe. CIFF is one of the top fairs for that.


What can we expect to see at the Bonton booth?
The storytelling of our collection, which is for us the very beginning of the stories we are going to build all along the season. You will see all the iconics that define our brand, with our fragrance range. And see how Bonton look after the family moments.


Your brand is 16 years old now. How did it all begin?
Thomas my husband was working with his parents at Bonpoint (his parents are the founders of Bonpoint) and we all decided together to create a brand, more "casual" to complete Bonpoint. A brand with basics, and accessories. At this time concept stores were just at the very beginning!


How do you believe that Bonton has evolved in those years?
Step by step, by taking our time, we have intensified our knowledge of the children universe. I think what made us do the difference is that every single item we are selling has been tested by a person of our team, and that customers trust our choice because they know that a mother or a father is behind the creation. Slowly we have increase departments to explore not only clothes or accessories but also workshop, haircuts, photobooth, all that matters in a kid life.


How does a day in the office look like for you?
Everyday I don't really know what is going to be my priority but we are a small team so all subjects are discussed together. We jump from one area to another but it keeps us all informed about what's going on...


What do you love about your job?
The people I meet. Mostly authors or artist, it is very rewarding.


Where do you find inspiration for each collection?
Oh .... Big brainstorming that starts with all exhibitions, travels and treasures the team brings and after we try to find the best way of putting them together!


What about French fashion do you think is appealing to the Scandinavian customer?
I think that today´s cultures are inspiring to everyone everywhere. We get very nice feedback from Northern Europe stores we work with. The Bonton French touch is the perfect mix between a refined and casual outfit that kids can wear every day to be comfortable with a touch of chic.
Soft fabrics, a beautiful range of colors dyed in France, trendy clothing cut make the difference and seduce the Scandinavian customers.


Meet the BONTON team at CIFF KIDS in booth 060
January 31st - February 2nd



Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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