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Meet the buyer: Kim from Design Life Kids

Meet Kimberly. The 36-year-old mother of two from West Chester, Pennsylvania started her business after suddenly losing her husband. Read her story here

What is Design Life Kids?
Design Life Kids began as a lifestyle blog and was inspired by a vision and dream of my late husband and me. Now known as DLK, it is an online boutique featuring unique apparel, furniture, décor and toys from designers around the world. We strive to provide our customers with playful, high quality products with a strong focus on modern design. Bringing our love for modernism into the everyday with children.


I was recently asked to participate in a podcast sharing our story:



How did you get into blogging and how did it turn into a store?
I was a stay at home parent for years; however, I was missing a creative outlet. I was looking for something that I could incorporate my children and our everyday lives, yet still have something that was simply for me… something I could professionally be proud of.

Unfortunately, their father had very suddenly passed away and it was a shocking and life freezing moment. I no longer felt comfortable sharing our every day. It simply didn’t feel right anymore. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would do from there, but I did remember how we both loved modernism and décor and that we dreamed of having something like DLK. So, with all the sleepless nights, I chose to turn Design Life Kids and the sadness that encompassed our family into something positive. Something I thought he would be proud of and something new I could professionally love again.



Describe the store with 3 words
Unique, modern, fun.


At DLK, you have several Scandinavian brands such as Ferm Living, I Dig Denim, MarMar, Mini Rodini and Luckyboysunday. What do you think that your customers find appealing about Scandi brands?
I find that Scandinavian designs always have such a high quality standard. Mix that with clean lines, unique, yet simple design = perfection. I am incredibly particular about what we carry and what I bring into my own home. I believe my customers know that and can trust that what we carry is something I would personally love too.



What do you love with your job?
Everything! Honestly. I love researching and scouring for new products and I am so intrigued to see what our customers purchase and how they combine these items with their style.



How do you stay updated on trends?
Social media is still great place to be inspired and follow trends. We learn a lot from our customers and how they mix our lines with others. I am also lucky enough to work with some wonderful collaborators who are always bringing new styles and designers to my attention.



What do you personally like the most about Scandinavian fashion?
It’s sophisticated, yet still fun and playful for all.



How does a day “in the office” look like for you?
It’s a busy one! I assist with all the fulfillment when necessary, but I am generally handling all the buying, merchandising, marketing, etc. It’s a lot of juggling from my kids’ every day needs mixed throughout the day and working to keep DLK growing!



Why did you choose CIFF KIDS as your only European fair this season?
I am so very looking forward to CIFF Kids! I only choose one non-US based fair a year, so it has to be a special trip and because I love Scandinavian design so much, I think this will be a truly wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be bringing back for DLK!



What are your expectations for the FW 2018-19 fair?
I don’t live with expectations…. however I know I will be inspired and look forward to expanding DLK’s collection with what we find at CIFF.



You will be staying in Copenhagen for a week during the fair – what do you plan to do except visit the fair?
Yes, we will be in the city for a week. After some of my life experiences, I don’t usually make plans outside of where I’m staying anymore. I now prefer to be as spontaneous as possible when traveling – I generally get to experience and see a whole lot more that way!


Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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