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Meet the press: Bianca from Little Scandinavian

Norwegian blogger Bianca Wessel has visited CIFF KIDS many times and done several collaboration with us. For the Fall/Winter 2018-19 fair she will moderate our panel discussion. We checked in with Bianca to get to know a bit more about her...

What is Little Scandinavian?
Little Scandinavian is a niche blog in its 9th year featuring a Nordic lifestyle in London, UK.


Describe your blog with 3 words
Nordic, Stylish and Slow-living


What do you love with your job?
The flexibility, that I get to meet so many talented and inspirational people and that I get to travel so many amazing places.

What do you like about visiting CIFF KIDS?

Keeping in touch with existing contacts and meeting new people in the industry - and love discovering new brands and designers. Big bonus is that the fair is in central Copenhagen and that I get to enjoy the beautiful Danish capital for a few days as well.


How do you stay updated on trends?
I pay close attention to what's on in the world of digital, both on social media and through niche magazines and trend agencies. I also explore London, from street culture and art to press previews and events. I combine this with regular trips to Scandinavia.


What do you like the most about Scandinavian fashion?
That it's timeless, functional and often of exceptional quality.


How did you end up in your current job?
A move from Norway to the UK prompted a career change. My initial thought was to blog about our adventure abroad for family and friends back in Norway. But it wasn't that common to read blogs in 2007. So I started blogging about our Nordic family life and childrenswear instead - realising that there were many parents out there looking for inspiration.


How does a day “in the office” look like for you?
I need to start the day with a coffee before I go online to check all social media accounts. Then wading through what's new in my inbox before usually heading out for a event or a meeting. In general I don't spend much time in the office at all. I then blog in the evening.


You´re a Norwegian expat living in London; what´s the difference between the Scandinavian lifestyle compared to London?
I think the main difference in lifestyle is time. In Scandinavia you have less on offer and more time. Everything is quite fast-paced in a cosmopolitan city such as London.


Lastly, you are moderating the CIFF KIDS Panel discussion during the next fair. What can we expect and what do you look forward to?
I really enjoyed the last panel discussion and can't wait to hear what the coming season's panel will tell us about the future of the industry, both in trends and technology.


Join the panel discussion, moderated by Bianca, and learn more about the
kids fashion business. 
Read more here. 


Thursday 1st of February 5 pm



Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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