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Q&A with Patrizia Pepe

Why did you decide to show at CIFF?
Historically Patrizia Pepe has strong ties to Scandinavia and a loyal following of customers. We're committed to re-igniting the brand's DNA through a bespoke showcase of our Main Fall/Winter 2018 season combined with a pivotal roll-out of key marketing initiatives enhanced by a digitally interactive stand.
Do you consider it as an opening access to Northern Europe?
Certainly, CIFF is internationally renowned as the most prominent fashion fair in Scandinavia. Therefore, as an iconic family-owned Italian company, it was the clear choice for us to participate in to broaden our sales distribution.
What do you expect from this experience?
We aim to connect with our dedicated consumers seeking Patrizia Pepe’s trademark contemporary style mixed with a harmonious color palette. Our top priority is to expand our scope with key points of sale complementing our presence in all of Scandinavia. 
Where are you currently distributed in the Scandinavian area?
We are currently distributed in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and due to recent strong demand are looking to expand our Scandinavian footprint further. 
What is the spirit of Patrizia Pepe for the A/W 2018-19 season?

The new collection reflects the Patrizia Pepe woman's dark and anticonformist soul, conjuring up a mysterious atmosphere, laden with glamour and originality. The season reaffirms the brand's codes, defining a magical elegance rich in opposites and contrasts, with mixes of micro and macro forms, over and slim volumes, masculinity and femininity, day and evening wear. The color palette is succinct, essential and absolute: Black and Beige blend with the undefined nuance Dark Greige and a touch of Secret Yellow. The intensity of Soft Violet and Blue College is softened by Cloud Rose. Sophisticated and sensual femininity thrives on unconventional & unexpected combinations.
What do you think can mostly attract CIFF visitors and buyers to Patrizia Pepe?
Patrizia Pepe fully embodies it's contemporary yet feminine approach to RTW and accessories. The collections versatility underscored by high quality basics blended with statement pieces suggests seamless carry over from season to season, suitable for all markets. Our four-season concept combined with biannual pronto drops allow for customized buying flexibility with current weather volatility. Creating brand awareness is our primary objective at the onset of the customers journey. Advanced digital platforms combined with a strong product portfolio fully support our global partners.
Could you please define the world of Patrizia Pepe in just a few words?
Patrizia Pepe is your “Your partner in crime” for all seasons. The brand represents a woman who is courageous and self-aware yet always remaining sensual with an aura of irreverence.
CIFF is more than just a fair, it’s a very strong community, spending time together and enjoying Copenhagen’s more relaxed lifestyle. What do you think of this attitude? Are you ready to embrace it?
As an Italian company, culturally we fully embrace the relaxed lifestyle and weave this attitude into various aspects of the collection. The face of our Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, Dua Lipa (international singer & songwriter with over 900 million YouTube views) captures this free-spirited notion in Patrizia Pepe's video campaign as she performs her single “Bang Bang” shot in Brooklyn, New York. Copenhagen's sought-after relaxed lifestyle is prevalent in our upcoming athleisure collection, set to launch in international retail locations March of 2018.
Author: Giulio Palozza, International Sales Director


Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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