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Q&A with Tomorrow

Prior to the fair, CIFF had the pleasure of talking to the London department of the global agency, Tomorrow. The agency is a multi-brand showroom and international sales platform based in four major fashion cities, London, Milan, Paris and New York.

The agency gives brands the chance to access the most important stores worldwide but also contributes to the organizational expansion of the brand as a whole.

Tomorrow represents a wide range of designer brands but at the same time has a clear aesthetic. What does Tomorrow look for when searching for new brands to represent. Any special requirements?

Amazing creativity, a global outlook, strong will, and consistency are the key aspects we’re looking for. A willingness to learn and develop is also key as we can work very closely with them on the strategic and commercial aspects.

Tomorrow is based in every major fashion capital, London, Paris, Milan and New York. Are there any differences between these markets when it comes to buyers’ needs and aesthetic?
The market we sell to is global and the end-consumers are traveling so much, that there is a huge overlap. Of course, there are some territories, most often based in key cities, where buyers do express a more advanced aesthetic taste. At the same time, it is paramount to us to maintain our own signature, so the buyers will comfortably come to Tomorrow and expect the very same level of Designers, Visual Merchandising and trend scouting across all our locations.

What can Tomorrow offer their clients that other sales platforms can’t?
For our Designer clients, Tomorrow can act as a plug-in system basically allowing them to outsource all of their operations based on a variable cost rather than a fixed and advanced one. Not only this, we aim to offer the best wholesale market knowledge and sales opportunity, allowing them to increase profitability and ease cash flow. It means the designers can focus on the creative part and Tomorrow will oversee everything else.

Which brands will Tomorrow be bringing to CIFF F/W 2017-18?
We’ll be bringing a selection of our brands, ranging from accessories and ready to wear.
Menswear: Christopher Raeburn, Facetasm, Markus Lupfer, Raw Research, Sunnei, PLAC, Uniform Wares and White Mountaineering, Casbia. Womenswear showcase: Facetasm, Markus Lupfer, Ports 1961, SJYP and TIBI.

What does the future hold for Tomorrow? Any news or exciting project you can disclose?
There are lots of things of exciting developments in the pipeline, some of which will become public very shortly. In the meantime, we’re focusing on ensuring all of the designers are given the opportunity to perform to their optimum and our customers can have the most seamless experience whilst working with Tomorrow.



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