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Special Projects & collaborations at CIFF

CIFF is proud and excited to announce some of the many special projects and collaborations from the brands at RAVEN that will be showcasing their collections at the upcoming edition, taking place Feb 1-3 2017.

Below you will find the first part of the long list of brands that will bring something special to CIFF. Stay tuned for more brands, special projects, and collaborations to be revealed this week!


The hugely successful and currently sold out collection will be displayed at CIFF RAVEN via a special installation. The collaboration features two new silhouettes, each a unique blend of 90’s youth culture references and early 20th-century Soviet design.


Haeckels Scented Biodome Installation

Haeckels has brought the English seaside to Copenhagen for the unique enjoyment of the CIFF community. The scent of the English coastline and fauna can be experienced from inside an inflated biodome, a unique showroom space from which visitors can discover a 100% natural range of personal fragrances, home fragrances and skincare all made in the UK.

Porter by Yoshida Kaban

Porter By Yoshida Kaban, purveyors of timeless hand-made bags, has created a special installation of their unique products for the CIFF community. In line with the company's motto "heart and soul into every stitch", the brand only uses the very best fabrics and components, some of which Porter by Yoshida have developed specifically for their brand. Make sure to check out this special installation!

THIS IS NOT CLOTHING "Paradise Lost" Installation
Self-proclaimed "concept brand", This Is Not Clothing is showcasing their upcoming collection at CIFF for the first time ever via an art installation. The brand, known for their exceptional collaborations with international artists, will present an installation entitled "Paradise Lost" featuring virtual reality artwork prints, a floor fixture, the AW17-18 collection and sculptures by English contemporary artist Jam Sutton, whose work is a collision of a vast color pallet, historical and pop-cultural references within the realm of surrealism. The artwork prints which will be wall-mounted in the installation unlock 3D sculptures when using the ‘This Is Not Clothing’ augmented reality app. This will enable visitors to explore the sculptures in virtual reality.

BEAMS Japan x Yu Nagaba

CIFF is honored to announce this special project with renowned Japanese retailer and brand BEAMS . featuring new works by Japanese artist Yu Nagaba. Created especially for the installation at CIFF, the artworks will adorn the setting of the BEAMS stand. Limited numbers of framed art and goods will be available to buy on site. The brands presented by BEAMS at CIFF are: ALOYE, BEAMS JAPAN, BLACKMEANS, Name, NOMA t.d, TAILOR TOYO, TEATORA.
"These brands have earned great reputations among the most trend-savvy customers in Japan, and we are excited to be able to present their latest collections in Copenhagen. We look forward to your visit!" - BEAMS Japan

Samuel Ross & Jobe Burns "Concrete Objects" Installation
A-COLD-WALL founder Samuel Ross will present his latest venture at CIFF. Teaming up with designer and collaborator, Jobe Burns, the two have created a brand called Concrete Objects that focuses on turning innovative ideas into unique items that in their nature are still functional for everyday use. The creative process begins through face-to-face conversations between the two designers. Ideas are passed back and forth and ultimately turned into substantial products. "We’re working through the traditional process of putting pen to paper and taking time to revise designs, releasing when they’re ready as opposed to through a strict algorithm," Samuel Ross told Hypebeast back in December. The installation consists of various concrete objects that come in various shapes and forms. This first collection of objects will be on display at CIFF.

Han Kjøbenhavn "Stories" Installation
Danish success story, Han Kjøbenhavn, is more than just a fashion brand. For years Han has been able to grab our attention with clean cutting-edge collections and head-turning eyewear but there is more to Han than meets the eye. For this edition of CIFF, the ever-evolving Han Kjøbenhavn will bring an installation featuring short films that support the narrative of the brand. The films are stories about Han Kjøbenhavn and the diversity of people.



Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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