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Thomas Maitz curates a space in the TREND AREA

This CIFF KIDS edition's TREND AREA will be half curated by Thomas Maitz (and half by Paul & Paula), designer and creative director at Perludi, a platform that creates and represents the best of interior, design and lifestyle for kids. The company will create a special space with twelve brands from all over the world, that meet the Clean Pure Hibernate theme of the TREND AREA and have in common the great interest in sustainability, use of organic materials and long term functionality.

When I started working on kids design in the year 1998 I was very much intrigued by the situation of being a father for first time. My profession was to design interiors for adults and I discovered how much potential there was in the fields of good quality interior for kids. And the longer I work with and for kids, the more enthusiastic I am.

Since then, the interest on design for kids has been increasing worldwide and new brands have been coming up with lots of fantastic new projects continuously. What has been missing at the beginning, especially for the kids interior, were platforms to stimulate a professional market.

In 2010 Paola Noé and me have been installing a concept called kidsroomzoom – first in Milan, later Vienna, Graz, Riga. The goal was to give those projects a new but highly visible channel, including the fields of art, fashion, books and interior for kids. It was our idea to create a kind of semi-public space in an apartment and to invite professionals, press, architects and parents to start a conversation about design for kids. Kidsroomzoom has been a success for us, because besides good PR it allowed us, the designers, to establish a network to exchange our work. We all appreciate cooperation instead of competition.

Since 2015 I am also curating a space called “DESIGNPARC” at the worlds biggest trade show for kids furniture “Kind&Jugend” in Cologne.

The TREND AREA at CIFF KIDS is the consequent continuation of this network process. I am proud to present some of the most influential brands, beside very fresh ones, in a small selection of international projects. The idea was to have some actual projects from all over the world which all meet the Clean Pure Hibernate theme of CIFF KIDS.

The selected projects are modern but still traditional. I see a trend to include handcraftsmanship while shapes and forms become more and more inspired by the facilities of innovative technical developments. These projects have in common the interest in sustainability and work with organic materials. The poducts should be made for the joy of long term functionality. It seems we go back to the quality instead of quantity issue, step by step.

The brands in the TREND AREA

Outstanding Japanese architect KENGO created a playfull toy called TSUMIKI. It is based on a very simple traditional Japanese toy. To be seen first time in Europe at the TREND AREA.

The brand SIRCH from Germany is famous for its extraordinary designs and their perfect usage of bended wood. Sirch will present its latest design bicycle CHARLY…its an absolute premiere.

The Austrian brand TUKLUK has designed a play element which can be combined in many different ways. They bring their reduced version for even more possibilities.

The German Company WILKHAHN has designed a classical rocker in the late 60s. Normally working in the field of office furniture, I have selected a simple product for young people called STAND UP.

IO-KIDS DESIGN is based in London and Stockholm. I love their self assembling IO HOUSE LIGHT for its simplicity, simultaneously allowing the child to see what’s in their own room, whilst wondering about what lies in the rooms inside the house.

LAMPERT DESIGN is a German brand with a great history in doing furniture for adult and kids too. They have created a product called ROCKER which is a perfect example of a playfull but clean and pure product, although designed many years ago.

E come from Belgium. I adore their most reduced approach to pureness and
functionality. They bring their STACKER, a multifunctional chair.

The very young French brand MUM & DAD FACTORY is based in Paris. They came up with a lovely handcrafted collection and will present their bendwood CHAIR and a DIY TENT

S from Argentina call themselves: “the new simplicity” and that’s what this brand is about. The remarkable pieces are available in Europe since recently and will be present at the show with the MINI MAXXI TABLE and the MILK STOOL

ONDU is a young camera maker from Slovenija. Their heart winning PINHOLE CAMERAS are all made in solid wood and can be used as educational tools to explain photography. Made for all ages.

STUDIO 17 comes from Norway. In the field of playhouses for kids they have created one of the most playful and most pure ones. Their X-HUS has already become a classical piece of kids furniture.

PERLUDI came up with new organic materials for kids furniture. The simple shapes made out of a combination of solid wood and a woolen textile is still unique. Perludi brings a project called RAFAEL and PAULI.

See the TREND AREA at CIFF KIDS at the balcony in Forum Copenhagen.


Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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