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Q&A with Won Hundred

How would you describe Won Hundred to someone who has never heard of the brand?
We embrace the simple and unpolished. Scandi by heart, with a great passion for denim.

Which are the key values and elements of Won Hundred?
Won Hundreds always has a focus on denim, clean cuts and classic fits with a risky twist. Our silhouettes range from tailored to exaggerated, in a playful take on masculine and feminine wardrobe.

What do you think defines Scandinavian fashion in general?
Lately here has been a youth rebellion movement going on in the Danish fashion industry. We make up with the very simple minimalist expression that we have been world known for. Danish design, is now more and more different from the other Scandinavian countries as the brands dare to do more. Prints, new constructions and wild colours are added to the Danish fashion scene. We are proud to be a part of this movement.

Why did you choose to showcase at CIFF for the Fall/Winter fair?
CIFF is an international fair, where brands has the freedom to create their own universe. There are many visitors and and you can easily highlight your focus as an international brand in their surroundings.

How does a day in the office look like for you?
When I am not travelling, I answer an awful lot of questions. My finest task is to support my team lead and them in a direction that matches our DNA.

What do you love with your job?
Cliché! - two days are not the same. I am driven by creating news in a visual sense and therefore I could not wish for a better job.

You have introduced a "Green Cross" label to indicate garments that are made out of organic material. How does Won Hundred work in terms of sustainability and what are your aims?
There has never been so much focus on sustainability as now. We want to have our environment in mind as much as we can. Not only with focus on the materials we use, but also in our everyday lives at the office and with the partners have we chosen to work with.

What are your expectations for the FW 2018-19 fair?
It is always a pleasure to participate in Copenhagen Fashion Week. This season we are looking forward to showing a collection we are extra proud of. We are always looking forward to meet up with our existing customers and not least, to meet potential new ones.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from your upcoming collection?
The intent was to build a dynamic universe that margin between chaotic and calm.
We wanted to rediscover and redesign forms, notions, patterns, and arts to create pieces that embrace personality.


Center Boulevard 5 | DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Julius Thomsens Plads 1 | DK-1925 Frederiksberg

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