Has the pandemic changed the way we look at what's important in life, made us think about our lifestyles and what we treasure? CIFF put the question to 21 fashion industry insiders... is there one thing you cannot not live without right now?

Bruce Pask

Bruce Pask, Fashion Director, Neiman Marcus

“During lockdown I rediscovered my love of books. I have always been a consumer of media, I read newspapers and periodicals every day – and gradually over time that supplanted books for me. But during lockdown, not being able to travel, with theatres and indoor events shuttered, I started to pick up books again, and now I’m reading every day. It’s really helped exercise my imagination. I’ve read some great contemporary novels. The one I enjoyed most? “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous”, the debut novel from the Vietnamese-American poet Ocean Vuong.”

Sara Abrahamsen

Sara Abrahamsen, Photographer And Art Director

“Over the past year, for me it has been more important than ever to have rituals. It may sound banal but making my morning coffee has become an exercise in enjoying the small things. And a cup of coffee is a reminder that some things in life exist purely for the joy they give you.”

Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Bille Brahe, Jewellery Designer And Creative Director

“My border collie Snoopy brings me so much joy. I got him 10 years ago from my brother Frederik. In the morning we try to take a walk by the sea, my daughter Beate in the stroller and Snoopy running next to it.”

Petra Barkhof

Petra Barkhof, Editor And Digital Director

“I adore animal print. It looks good on everything and is great with every color and pattern. I also love that these sneakers first came out in 1977, the same year as my beloved daughter Patricia was born. I haven’t worn heels since my high school days.”

Tonia Atieno

Tonia Atieno, Model And Stylist

“Headphones are so important to me. Putting my headphones on is a very powerful way of getting in touch with myself and changing focus, getting into a personal space. They make me a student of whatever I’m listening to, so I have no excuse for not being educated on topics I’m interested in. I can create the world I want to live in.”

Martin Gjesing

Martin Gjesing, Co-Founder And Ceo, Moon

“Music non-stop.”

Alexandra Tistounet

Alexandra Tistounet, Menswear Buyer, Printemps

“My eight-month-old French bulldog Raf. He is pure love. I can’t live without him. He’s the cutest. I can take him to work appointments (he is super professional) and we even do editorials together. His career in fashion might get bigger than mine. Joking!”

Cim Mahoney

Cim Mahony, Hair Stylist

“My rosewood Mason Pearson brush is my must-have. It was given to me when I was an apprentice in 1989 and I have used it on every job I have ever worked on. It has stood the test of time and symbolizes true sustainability.”

Carla Christine

Carla Christine, Editor, Fashion Forum

“My AirPods.”

Noah Umur Kanber

Noah Umur Kanber, Studio Manager, Ganni

“I carry my Contax T3 everywhere. I take a lot of photos, even just walking around in my everyday life. I end up using them for different art projects. I want to capture things that only I see and observe through my own eyes.”

A Ngela Etiebet

Angela Etiebet, Head Of Creative Lab, Ganni

“Berocca – gives you back your bounce.”

Rikke Wackerhausen Sejersen

Rikke Wackerhausen-Sejersen, Stylist

“Flowers are not an obvious must-have. But having flowers around calms me down, and of course they look stunning and smell fantastic… they satisfy so many senses.”

Jesper Thomsen

Jesper Thomsen, Ceo, Unique Models

“My phone means that I can actually leave the office and work remotely. (Oh, and for Grindr at weekends).”

Claus Andersen

Claus Andersen, Gallery Owner, Andersen Contemporary

“Information, information, information. Today, like yesterday we need to stay informed.”

Bengt Thornefors

Bengt Thornefors, Co-Founder And Creative Director, Magniberg

“Powerslide ‘fruit boots’ are my must-have. As a teenager I used to sneak out in the middle of the night to skate on the empty streets. Today I stick to the daytime.”

Ulrik Pedersen

Ulrik Pedersen, Founder And Creative Director, Sunflower

“Swaroski Boots for midday and midnight cowboys alike.”

Jacob Søndergaard

Jacob Søndergaard, Publisher, Gutkind

“A pencil is my must have because writing by hand makes me think clearly. Clarity of thought, the remembrance and insight into ourselves and other people doesn’t come without a little time and reflection.”

Christian Trads

Christian Trads, Ceo, H2O

“Water is the ultimate must-have. It is essential to survival, it is the driving force of everything. And the glass is half-full because that’s my mindset. Life is more fun and easier when you think glass-half-full.”

Christina Neustrup

Christina Neustrup, Ceo, Ciff

“Good food, a simple plate of something simple and beautiful is my must have. The pleasures of food and a well-set table with good friends sat around are eternal. Knowledge for the body and mind… what could be more important?”

Chris Pedersen

Chris Pedersen, Editor, Børsen Pleasure

“I always carry a notebook. I never learned to use the “note” function on my phone. At the start of the day, I write out my to-dos, everything I need to get done, and in the evening I cross it all out, which is really satisfying. I use my notebook to jot down ideas too, or just random thoughts. I find it really eases the mind.”

Denise Christensen

Denise Christensen, Ceo, Rotate And Remain

“My must-have is a subscription to the magazine Business of Fashion. It’s totally indispensable for staying updated on all things business and fashion.”