Continuing our collaboration with esteemed partner Peclers Paris for February 2022!

Peclers Paris, one of the leading consulting agencies for creative strategies within the fashion, beauty, design & lifestyle industry, will be sharing their wisdom on future consumer trends at CIFF when opening the doors for our February edition. This is your chance to get valuable insights, normally only reserved clients of Peclers Paris.

Scroll down to get more information about Peclers Paris, their services, our collaboration and what to expect for the coming season.

If there should be sitting some people out there, who are in doubt of who Peclers Paris are – how would you describe the story behind the company?

We are the leading consulting agency in creative strategy for fashion, beauty, design & lifestyle, prospective trends.
We help brands throughout their projects, in France and internationally, to develop more desirable products, services and experiences.
Because we believe in audacious, innovative brands, we help reveal your uniqueness and stimulate your creativity.

Can you give us a short recap on what products your offer brands and companies?

Peclers Paris' expertise in identifying the evolution of trends and all-encompassing approach to brand experience enable the agency to deliver sustainable and singular solutions tailored to your needs.
Our creative and strategic methodology is engineered to identify the key insights, potential challenges, business opportunities, innovative concepts and new experience drivers for your brand.
Peclers Paris also offer an extensive trend book portfolio which is designed to inspire and guide you throughout your product innovation processes and new developments.
From macro socio-cultural trends analysis to seasonal inspirations trends.

Which of your services are the most popular?

Our personalized services, namely consulting, represent more than 60% of our turnover
Our trendbooks and Peclers+ then complete the range of our offers

Has this changed throughout the last couple of years?

Our offers have had to evolve to adapt to an ever-changing environment. This is the art of the trend office, to be able to anticipate the needs of our customers and respond with adapted solutions and services.
Recently, we have switched to an annual format to meet the market's demand for our Beauty and Knitwear trendbooks
Our methodologies are also constantly improved/modified to match the needs of each of our clients
We are proud today to see a client portfolio that continues to grow despite a difficult context but it is precisely in this extraordinary context that a trend office is there to accompany you in the perpetuation and differentiation of your brand

Last but not least - We can’t wait to have you back with us in Copenhagen! What are you looking forward to at CIFF 2-4 February?

Our trip to CIFF is a time to inspire, meet and above all share with experts in the industry. It is important for us to keep an eye on the market to be able to bring the most relevant solutions in a constantly evolving mode.
We also cherish our collaboration with DMT, where our books are available for consultation, and would like to bring our physical presence to Danish companies that would like to discover our personalized services from brand strategy to its application in retail.

A little deeper look into Peclers Paris.

Peclers Paris gives live to brands creative concepts through a pragmatic approach that accompanies their artistic direction and helps them to innovate in their proposals for products, services, communications and the physical and digital experience of the brand.

Their international team of experts in fashion, beauty, design, sociology and trend forecasting deciphers the major societal and cultural changes that are transforming the lifestyles and desires of brand consumers, while their consulting team accompanies brands to guarantee the pertinence of offers and the resonance of brand mission.

Read more about Peclers Paris here.


Join creative consulting agency Peclers Paris' style expert Quito Quinn and Mathilde Channelliere for the two presentations on our main talk stage February 2nd&3rd
at 1 pm:

Transversal Trends
Sharing insights on the FW22 season, covering both men and women. Highlighting key innovating ideas and creative directions, by deciphering the major societal and cultural changes that are transforming the lifestyles and desires of consumers. Dive into the trend books here.

The Metaverse
The metavers, which can be described as a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual – & augmented reality along with video where users "live" within a digital universe, will be one of Peclers Paris biggest subjects within the coming years. Come and get inspired by the new aesthetics influenced by the metaverse - and have a look into one of this season hottest trends!

See our full talk program, and read more here.