Delighted to welcome Marc O´Polo!

The Premium contemporary lifestyle brand founded in Stockholm in 1967 with a passion for natural materials and designing timeless fashion in durable quality and with a focus on sustainable and innovative materials.

The Scandinavian heritage still shapes Marc O’Polo’s philosophy, and we are thrilled to have them back exhibiting in Copenhagen

See the latest campaign images here and scroll below to read the interview with CPO Susanne Schwenger.

”Never stop being flexible, curious, and questioning”

We caught up with Marc O’Polo CPO Susanne Schwenger, for a quick talk, getting to know them a little better:

If you should describe Marc O’Polo in two sentences?

Marc O’Polo stands for a premium contemporary lifestyle, combining authentic modernity with Scandinavian simplicity. Our passion for innovation and natural materials leads us towards our goal of being a fully sustainable brand.

If you could choose any person in history as the face of your brand, who would it be?

We live in a time with many interesting and diverse personalities. To reflect this diversity and to incorporate the important theme of diversity, we decided not to let one face speak for our brand. We believe a group of exciting personalities captures the spirit of the time and is more fitting and truer to the Marc O’Polo philosophy.

What would be your advice to the global fashion community following the events of the past years?

For us, a sustainable future is the right path. This has always been the case and is even more important today. In order to manage all challenges, to develop and grow, it is crucial to act as a team and cultivate partnerships. Only together we can master these crises, create innovative solutions and successfully move into the future. For today. And tomorrow.

What advice has impacted you the most during your years in fashion?

Throughout all these wonderful and exciting years in fashion, so many which have been spent with Marc O’Polo, I’ve been accompanied by a quote from our owner Werner Böck. It says, ’If you want everything to stay the same, you have to keep changing things.’ It confirms to me the fact that there is more than one way, and you should always be open to new things, never stop being flexible, curious and questioning.

What is your vision for Marc O’Polo in the immediate future?

Marc O’Polo will become the leading modern casual and sustainable lifestyle brand in the global premium segment, delivering high-quality and innovative products. For this we give our best every day, as a team and individually.

What would be your ideal dream location/setting for an extravagant runway show?

In keeping with our story and roots, as well as with our latest campaign and the upcoming trade fair stand, we would choose a location with a strong connection to nature. The location should emphasize the heritage of Marc O’Polo as much as possible, but always with a very modern twist, a sustainable claim and innovative features. Scandinavian simplicity.

What should we look forward to at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair in February?

We present a very generous space with a new gallery concept. Modernity meets naturalness. CIFF demonstrates that fashion and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive: The products on display are all sustainable. We focus on three key topics — a high-end recycled wool selection by Manteco®, low-impact outerwear and statement knit pieces in responsible wool.

Who are your 8 ideal dinner party guests and why?

Our Marc O’Polo guests would cover both the younger and the older generations. The exchange between generations is enriching and always a good opportunity to leave one’s own bubble, to get inspired, to understand the hopes, fears and visions of everyone, which is important in life and in fashion.

What element would you say encapsulates the vibe of Marc O’Polo?

The forest, the green lung of our earth, is one of the natural elements with which we closely associate Marc O’Polo. The forest is natural and tranquil. Unique and full of power. Enduring and timeless. We are well aware that we in the textile industry have a great responsibility towards our environment. At Marc O’Polo, this is a driving force behind our sustainable commitment.”

The must-have for the coming season?

Among the special highlights of the Marc O’Polo Fall/Winter 2022 collection are the plain and checked overshirts and wide-leg trousers developed together with Manteco®, an exclusive and sustainable European manufacturer and recycler of wool. We are very happy about this special and inspiring cooperation. The back story, the quality, the innovation and the vision fit perfectly with our intention and understanding of a modern premium product with Scandinavian simplicity and a sustainable approach.

Looking forward to seeing Susanne along with the rest of the team at CIFF 2nd – 4th February 2022. Register to visit the show HERE.