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Ground Floor
We are a Danish sustainable luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that aims to cater to the needs of conscious fashionistas around the world. The brand was founded by Rea and Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, who are passionate about bringing together sustainability, style, comfort, quality and fair pricing without any compromises. We aim to lead the way in sustainability by providing timeless and versatile clothing options for our customers, but also in establishing a people-and-planet friendly approach to doing business with our partners. We work with changemakers in the industry and are on this journey together with them. Our collections range from ready-to-wear, underwear, activewear, swimwear, and accessories. All pieces have been mindfully designed and produced using sustainable materials; each clothing even has its own sustainability score which can be seen on our website. You can see more of our products on where you can get free worldwide shipping with a 3-year warranty policy on any products. Visit our Instagram page @1peopletogether to get the latest updates from us. We have been featured on Byrdie, Elle, Marie Claire, Eluxe Magazine, British Vogue, and many more affiliates and media.