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5Loops - Sustainable Eyewear is a stylish and authentic eyewear brand whose holistic approach, from the product conception phase to the return of discarded or obsolete products to the economic cycle, is based on five nature-based values: Land, Ocean, Air, Flora and Fauna. 1. Earth - using natural materials To achieve this goal, 5Loops offers stylish eyewear, as well as accessories, made of BioAcetate S70 - a renewable, recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable, and bio-based material. 2. Water – creating less waste To generate as little waste as possible, 5Loops glasses are produced using molds which reduces the amount of waste produced compared to using acetate sheeting. 3. Air – implementing circular economy To implement a circular economy concept, 5Loops motivates its customers to send back ‘old’ 5Loops glasses for refurbishing & redistributing or - if refurbishing is not possible - for composting or recycling. This will extend the product life cycle or re-enter them into the circle. 4. Fire – cooperating with others Cooperation with other companies who share similar nature-driven values as 5Loops is another goal. Working with partners is imperative to raising sufficient awareness to trigger change. We believe in the power of giving. 5. Humanity – our crucial 5th element Our customers contribution to sustainability goes beyond just purchasing our glasses. Because they are the crucial fifth element by choosing to return their glasses after use to support social projects and eventually composting or recycling these. In addition to sunglasses, reading glasses, blue light filter glasses and frames for corrective lenses, the brand also offers accessories. Visit us at www.5-loops.com or @5loops_eyewear to learn more about us and our mission.