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Aaiko is here for the modern power woman. She who has so many sides, but above all fully stands in her feminine power as a loved and respected person. And that is exactly what makes Aaiko's heart beat .Our brand started in 2006 from a passionate vision and sense of creativity. Founder Pauline Brakenhoff started from a mission to uniquely combine creativity with commercialism. In doing so, Aaiko flawlessly created the bridge from catwalk to sidewalk. In an ode to courage and curiosity, each collection is the outcome of a travel journey, whether across the globe or in time. Ultimately, you see this inspiration reflected in every single garment.Meanwhile, Aaiko has grown into an international fashion brand with points of sale in several countries. In the growth we have experienced in recent years, our pride is that we have always remained true to our core principle: timeless and innovative designs that ensure that women are forever comfortable and beautifully dressed.