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Alexandria was established in 2020 as the result of a concept that has lived with the young designer for years. A mission to create a product with ideals he believed in; alignment with the natural order, integrity in production & respect to the consumer.

Our custom color palette reflects the natural environment. Inspired by scenes from coast to coast and everything in-between. The spring collection features softer colors in tune with the sun, the ocean, or a fresh breeze while our fall collection is reminiscent of evergreen, a winter sky and an evolving forest scape.

Alexandria’s shapes are defined by classic masculine silhouettes with a feminine feel meant to highlight the casual elegance of the individual and erase division between genders.

Our goal is to produce a luxurious and effortless wardrobe utilizing high quality fabrics and techniques for both comfort and a perfect fit. Alexandria is designed and produced in Los Angeles, giving our team the privilege of overseeing the entire process hands on.