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ANGELS – THE WOMENS JEANS The brand ANGELS has visibly changed over 4 decades. The basis for all changes have been the brand values of expertise, down-to-earthness, commitment to quality, sustainability, fashion affinity and heart and soul. In 2021, ANGELS looks back on an impressive success story as an economically strong and successful company and stands for 40 years of denim competence from Nagold. Reliability, credibility and competence have been the basis of this success and continue to be important keystones. The focus of the company is the product and an honest sympathy for the ANGELS customer. THE DEMIN SPECIALIST The variety of washes, innovative fabrics and qualities is the proved competence of ANGELS. The used, destroyed, crinkle or random wash effects create a harmonious sporty overall look. All qualities used are tested several times and are characterized by colour fastness, a high form stability and offer at the same time the importance comfort. ANGELS stands for perfect fit, high-quality materials and a modern look for the fashionable young woman over 35 years with an awareness of good value for money. I AM A EUROPEAN – PROMISE OF QUALITY MADE IN EUROPE Design, sample making, production and washing of each ANGELS jeans takes place in Europe. All fabrics used are also woven in Europe. Jobs are secured by the final inspection carried out in Germany. SUSTAINABILITY At ANGELS, sustainability is constantly pursued and expanded as an important element. In addition to the use of recycled polyester and BCI cotton, ANGELS uses the knot-wash process. In this process, pumice stones are replaced by 'knot' elements. Disposal of the pumice stones as hazardous waste is no longer necessary. The patented 'knots' are made of 100% recycled plastic. Knotwashing saves up to 50% water per wash, reduces energy consumption, conserves natural resources and reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, ANGELS relies on the cultivation of Organic Cotton: This avoids the use of synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers.