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Ground Floor
ANYDAY has a brave young mind-set, and we know that it’s not about what size you wear, but how you wear your size. ANYDAY is a size-inclusive brand created for stylish women who are confident, self-conscious and most importantly – dare to be themselves. With ANYDAY, it’s not about hiding your curves, but about embracing them with colours and positive energy. ANYDAY is about dressing with confidence every day, and we are proud to present four annual collections, two larger and two smaller, as well as two express collections. We believe in the possibility of boosting one’s self-esteem and one’s mood by dressing in bright colours and glitter and wearing the latest, hot trends, which is why we have also launched a ‘self-love club’ on Instagram. On insta, we share lots of cool inspiration and good energy. For the summer of 2024, we introduce a Vibrant Vacay theme with lots of colours, prints, new details or accessories. ANYDAY offers both bucket hats, sunglasses and caps, which complete the look. We want women to be the best and most colourful version of themselves. We do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday We do it… Anyday