Ground Floor
Small step to a GREENER world More then 90% of the raw materials used in RAP shoes, come from local suppliers near the factory, main part of our footwear, is with natural crepe, which are the most organic soles avaible , and we only use waterbased glue in the assembly of our footwear. Our boxes, hang tags, flyers and everything else where it is possible, are made of 100% recycled paper/material and are of course 100 % recyclable. The ink we use are off course also water based In RAP we can with great pride say that we are one of the first movers, when it come to envoirment friendly prodution. Our range of footwear, is well known in Denmark for highest quality, and extra with good suport for the small feets ( our range is though up till size 44:-)). We will love to have you onboard on our travel to a greener world, come see the fantastic SS23 collection at CIFF KidS