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Ground Floor

Aurah is a vintage americana inspired unisex brand born in Italy in 2021 by a young designer Filippo Favero.
Aurah recalls emotional connection and nostalgic references through garments and is the result of love for America iconographic and his history, and the all elements that represent it; old prints, navajo designs, classics movies, nostalgic references..all of them are encapsulated on our creations with the intent to create a piece that speaks by itself.
We love to create unique pieces with our hands using old and recycled materials mixed together with new fabrics where the vintage vibe never end and so that every garment has an authentic story to tell.
Our products recall the classic american fit, relaxed fit cotton t-shirt and soft oversize fleeces. All of them, one by one, are carefully distressed finished by hand and dyed on natural pigments to give them an authentic vintage look.
Our mission is to give you that feeling to wear something special and unique , something that you can proudly wear as an extenthion of your authencity and help you to be the best version of yourself.
We are Aurah, just special as you are.