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Ground Floor
BEZISA offers conscious & playful but minimalistic designs for babies, kids & homes. Based and made in the Netherlands. Everything you see is inspired by nature. In nature people find peace. This is what I want to achieve with my designs for our little ones. In a world where everything is for sale and where you get overstimulated on a daily base, I like to offer something that incitements to take a moment to sit back, observe, together with your loved ones. Our mission is to make gorgeous, timeless designs in an ethical way by using only the prettiest, carefully selected natural materials, put together by our artists: We see handicraft as an art. Something we almost seem to forget in this economical world. We seem to forget how beautiful and valuable it can be. Designs arise from talent, skills, patience, and training. Working with hands sparks joy in minds and bodies. Adding value and happiness to the world by re-introducing techniques that are about to leave this continent. We have our own team with talented ladies with exceptional skills. As a team, we strive for perfectionism, whilst the designs are complying with the European safety standards. BEZISA ' Where the love for design and nature comes together'