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Remember the past in order to build the future. This is what .bijouets does every day. Born in Trentino in the North of Italy, .bijouets is a cosmopolitan Italian jewelry brand promoting lightness in the jewelry world since 2013. The result is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation: any kind of shapes, curves and angles are easily 3d printed, hand-finished and colored. Our choice to 3D print jewelry is not casual: this is one of the few techniques with the lowest amount of production waste and emissions fully respecting the environment because we know that there is no plan(et) B. .bijouets supports a new concept of beauty which can last through time and space thanks to expertise gathered over the years. Elegance, lightness, emotion, sustainability, Italianess: every project must start from here. You can notice it while observing any bijouets accessory and feeling it on your skin while wearing any of them. The laser sintered polyamide process ensures a limitless freedom of expression so any accessory is featured by an exclusive lightness. Thus fantasy takes shape in a work of art ready-to-wear, a powerful tool to express yourself everyday. As well as every Italian piece of art, in bijouets you can notice a remarkable attention to details and the refined design. Our ability is to give shape to something still belonging somewhere beyond our reality. The limitless amount of artistic and geometric possibilities definitely convinced popular Italian designers embracing our brand philosophy for a lifetime. They interpreted our brand philosophy as a sort of modern poetry, a new tool to channel themselves and express an undiscovered side of their creativity. As a consequence, they are indissolubly connected to our brand forming a group constantly looking for multifaceted personalities who want to discover new ways to communicate. Our sensibility is capable of pleasing even the most different tastes when it comes in fashion. The ability to interpret international trends is proven by the permanent presence in many museums around the world after having fallen in love with the bijouets essence. The MAD in New York, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Venice Biennale as well as the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore and the Esbjerg Art Museum in Denmark are just a few names of the museums which hosted our accessories in their shops.