Ground Floor
Premium & Classic Apparel
Woman wear brand designed and manufactured in Italy, providing unique, timeless and easy to wear clothes and accessories to exclusive boutiques across Europe. We believe in the idea of producing clothing from natural fibers, first of all because they are environmentally sustainable, then for their quality to be strong fabrics that last in time. Explore our latest capsule cashmere collection using only regenerated cashmere yarn with low environmental impact. Recycled cashmere yarn is developed from the recovery of textile waste coming from various factories and companies in the fashion industry. The old yarn is then manually selected by color, then torn up, reduced in fibers, and spun again together. No extra dyeing process is added to the creation of this pure recycled yarn, saving excess extra water to complete another coloring process. All the above processes are entirely made in Italy along with the knitting and design of these simple and long-lasting knitwear collection