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Ground Floor
Børneloppen is a circular concept that makes it easy for families to buy and sell secondhand. Each store has more than 20.000 secondhand items for children - clothes, toys, books, prams, and all other kinds of equipment that families need. Børneloppen's concept is all about circular economy. As kids grow, customers can sell their clothes and toys in Børneloppen's stores - and follow their sales online. A new family can then buy the items, and after end-use, the items are ready to be sold again to a new family. As a result, some of the quality products are being sold many times at Børneloppen. Every time a customer buys secondhand at Børneloppen instead of purchasing a similar new item, there is a huge environmental effect. Børneloppen actively informs customers about the environmental benefits of their actions, and promotes the climate benefits of shopping secondhand. The customer can even see the estimated environmental effect in the receipt. This invites the customers to a conversation about use and resources.