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Ground Floor
Bogna Skin is a Polish skincare brand launched in 2020 in Warsaw by sister-enterpreneurs, who combined their passions for bio-engineering and architecture to solve their lifelong quest for skin-safe effective skincare. Their vision was to create ultra-advanced products with impeccable attention to detail. Three years later, every single ingredient in the growing Bogna Skin brand portfolio has a clear purpose and the company is defining a new trend in luxury, which consists of accessibility without compromise and the form-follows-function elegance of true simplicity. The Bogna Skin laboratory team is constantly working to find innovative solutions to skincare needs that deploy biological systems at the cellular, molecular, tissue, and circadian cycle levels. The aim is to isolate the factor that you can influence and to stimulate it for an effective response. Next, this research is applied to extraordinary botanicals, which have evolved over thousands of years to develop powerful defence and regeneration mechanisms. We combine raw materials, such as cold-pressed oils and floral hydrosols and extracts, with biotechnologically advanced ingredients obtained from wild-harvested plants and naturally occuring minerals. In optimising our formulas we strive for synergies that harness their skincare properties, colours, aromas, and other qualities for maximum effectiveness and exceptional texture. We design our packaging with great care and an eye for recyclable solutions that make using our products not only soothing for the body, but also for the soul. Our skincare essentials are produced in small batches of efficient formulations that last. Bogna Skin creates synergy in the form of the purest possible formulas that bring the most powerful effects in skincare aimed at every skin type, every age, and any gender.