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Marco Campomaggi has its creative talent from his father, a sculptor. Even at school he designed his first bag creations. He used saddle leather, metal fittings and sold his first Campomaggi bags directly to his classmates or at the promenade. The company has therefore already at that time attached great importance to design bags that get their character and value over time. Over the years Campomaggi bags acquire more charm and softness, the more you use them, the more individual is their look. Campomaggi bags are finished with a special, unique manufacturing process. Precious leather is washed in vats of dye and secret additions to achieve the special patina. This technique gives Campomaggi bags not only the well-known vintage look, but also makes each piece unique. Nothing is left to chance: the heterogeneous color on the surface of the pockets and the most oxidized fittings makes these bags simply timeless.