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Ground Floor
Canada Snow knows cold weather and tough winds. It’s a big part of our everyday life, and has been since 2004 when the brand was founded. Based on experiencing and studying the varied, harsh Nordic climate, we have developed our product line. With top quality products designed with great accuracy and skill, our shoes and accessories aim to provide you with the quality, functionality, comfort and durability that work in both a colder and milder climate. Our heritage comes from SHOES and our collections inlcude warm boots, grip-friendly, wind-and water repellent boots, slippers but also jackets, hats, gloves and more that will keep you warm, functional and stylish during the cooler season’s crispy days. We produce all our shoes in Portugal and Italy. Some styles are 100% handmade by professional European shoemakers. We use as much natural materials as possible in our shoes. Materials like sheepskin, lamb wool, genuine leather and other warming, durable, natural raw, materials offer high resistance, comfort and durability in the collections. A large part of our product development is still about studying nature and how we best manage it.