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First Floor
Canadian Classics is an Italian premium outerwear brand that represents a mix of classic and capsule styles. Inspired by the “cool” lifestyle of the Canadian metropolis. It’s an outerwear platform that allows you to express your own unique personality and independent spirit. For those who choose a contemporary style and believe that sustainability is also important in fashion. An outerwear with which you can be formal, casual, sporty and fashionable, while feeling adequate in all situations. A versatility made possible thanks to research on models and fits tested in the practice of outdoor activities credible in urban contexts. All enriched by an attention to detail that makes the difference compared to mass-produced products. Designed with focus on wear-ability, high-fashion details, sustainability, certified premium materials and innovative textures in a kaleidoscope of colours. Canadian is a medium in the original sense of the term. An interface that puts the individual that wears it in connection with his/her context. We wish to extend the possibility of entering into the world of Canadian to every person of every morphologic type, aspect and story.