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Ground Floor
CARE BY ME wishes to provide unique and sustainable products to the world by combining the craftsmanship of handmade textiles in developing countries with Nordic design, excellent production methods, high quality and extraordinary materials. The style embraces Nordic minimalism, created by Danish designer Camilla Gullits. Classic and timeless - embodying comfort in colors that reflect nature. In Nepal, people have always worked with textile. Handmade textile is a large part of the national economy. The materials come from cashmere goats and sheep and are either knitted or woven in the area around Kathmandu. This is where CARE BY ME cooperates with small workshops that use these materials and teach women the ancient crafts. The focus is on empowering women, helping them to secure their future. With this knowledge, they can feed their families, ensure their children’s education, and provide a safe life. CARE BY ME produces GOTS certified organic cotton in India. Their partner in India is both GOTS and Fairtrade Certified. CARE BY ME is a company owned and operated by women that designs exclusive products to embrace people in our part of the world, at the same time as they empower women in developing countries.