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Ground Floor
Founded in 1991 by Shiri Rosenzweig, Carré’s mission is to create contemporary, high-quality jewellery, drawing inspiration from cultural perceptions of art, history, and craftsmanship. At the core of Carré’s identity is art – we are continuously inspired by the aesthetics of cultural treasures like mosaics, pottery, carpets, and garments created thousands of years ago. Inspiration that is like life itself – perfect, yet full of surprises, irregularities, and beauty marks. Carré is well-known for our love of real gemstones, which encrust almost every single piece of jewellery and adds a symbolic and spiritual depth to each style, making it all the more special. We believe that the symbolic and spiritual meaning of jewellery enhances the human experience, making us feel loved, special, treasured, and connected by sharing and giving jewellery from generation to generation, friend to friend or as appreciation for one another. We work solely with eco-sterling silver on its own or plated with 18-karat gold, as well as 9-, 10-, and 18-karat solid gold jewellery.