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Ground Floor
First launched in 1998 BEAMS BOY is a women's sub-label within BEAMS created for women who love the function and style found in traditional men’s fashion. BEAMS BOY keeps a consistent emphasis on key menswear items and timeless garments, focusing on function and substance through silhouettes and fabrics used. The passion BEAMS BOY has for vintage clothing is inextricable, and it has always been one of the strongest influences for the label since the very beginning. In parallel with the ever-growing value and global popularity of vintage clothing, BEAMS BOY has focused on Champion’s legendary 100-year-old history in vintage products for this collaboration. We have carefully researched the extraordinary amount of beloved archives and chosen a few models that inspired us the most to design this collection. Whether the printed logo – distorted from being repeatedly washed over the years – or the off-centered logo from a typo error, we were attracted to the so-called vintage ‘B grade’ defective products which were never meant to be sold. We recognized something very special and unique in these imperfections. Therefore we interpreted them in the BEAMS BOY’s style, and with a playful twist, fully embraced the collection.