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Ground Floor
Founded by two sisters, Laurene and Charlotte Kroon, KROON 02 is a Luxembourgish accessories brand. KROON 02 is strongly influenced by our childhood experiences. It's all about embracing the inner child, about encouraging the curious and the experimental, and about seeing the beauty in the simple things in life. We have a very personal approach to the brand as we believe it is so important nowadays to create pieces with a soul. This also means that our personal values are reflected in a direct way in the brand. Having grown up in the nature and having spent our summers sailing, it goes without saying that sustainability is of great importance to us. Regarding materials, we use high-quality metals, yarns and beads. We stay away from plastic. Also our packaging is made from recycled material. Every step of our production is traceable, we work with our 2 main suppliers with whom we have a long standing relationship. Our embroidery is made in Mumbai, India and our gold and silver plated styles are made in Bergamo, Italy. The brand serves as a playground for accessories. Playing with techniques, shapes and materials to create fresh and new styles.