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First Floor
CONFIDENT - STRAIGHT - AUTHENTIC CG – CLUB of GENTS moves within an esprit of freedom. It is always true to itself which means that it radiates enormous authenticity. The brand is characterized by attention to detail as regards finish and the upmarket fabrics it uses, combined with a competent fit appropriate for the type of the wearer, reflecting decades of experience. In its subline Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS, the brand provides the non-conventional esprit of Brit-Pop and the Mods with essential ingredients which are the icing on the cake in every respect as regards product and brand. In the subline Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS the classic wedding suit has been given a youthful lease of life. Whereas in the past, old-fashioned styles were de rigueur, particularly at weddings, nowadays you should be able to wear your suit on more than just one occasion. SPRING | SUMMER 2022 The summer holiday takes us to Biarritz on the Côte Basque in France. While the surfers from CG – CLUB of GENTS throw themselves into the waves with their boards and enjoy a beer in the afternoon in relaxed looks, the casual-luxurious guys from Savile Row use the time for a trip into town. Then, at sunset, they'll meet up in party-ready styles for a romantic wedding ceremony on the beach.