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Ground Floor
We alleviate some of the pressure our current way of living has on our planet, especially the oceans, by challenging the traditional ways of producing and consuming fashion. We use sustainable and innovative fibers, materials, and production methods. This allows us to produce sustainable high-quality, lasting products that literally cleans the oceans from plastic waste. We give new life to waste materials and used resources, that’s considered worthless, and offer products that puts people and planet before profit. We also strive to be more than just a clothing brand; we are a community of passionate, aspirational, and brave frontrunners and we facilitate opportunities for people and other brands to join us in making a plastic positive choice. Why? Because we truly believe in putting people and the planet before profit – and impact before glory. We live and breathe to rid the oceans of plastic waste. It’s on the agenda in everything we do, both as a brand and as human beings living and fulfilling the mission of Copenhagen Cartel; to contribute to keeping the ocean healthy - for ourselves, for you and for generations to come. We never rest, we never give in, and we take real action that creates true impact. We believe the ocean is beautiful, full of life and filled with untamed magic - we want to ensure it stays that way. And to save the oceans, we take more than a stand, we take action. We work hard, every day, to lead the way to a cleaner ocean through our plastic positive, sustainable, and high-quality products, collaborations, initiatives and donations.