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International fashion brand designing clothes for modern and confident women living in the now Costamani was founded in 2015 by Merete Wang Andersen After many years in the fashion industry Merete saw the potential need in creating her own brand as she saw a tendency towards a uniform expression in the market. She wanted to design feminine and beautiful pieces with emphasize on details and unique prints. Each style comes with its own story yet remains true to our universe expressed through great focus on craftsmanship, comfort and fit. The first collection ever was created based on Merete’s own intuition and experience, combined with inputs from customers from the Nordic market. Ultimately it led to a very special collection consisting of special pieces, produced with much love and care for our customers and their needs. Much has happened since and with time comes wisdom and experience. However the process of creating a new collection remains the same. Costamani has grown and is now available in over 500 stores and represented in 11 different countries. Costamani still has both feet firmly planted on the ground and is based in the same location where it all started - in a suburb 10 km. outside of Odense. We love our HQ and from here we collaborate with the best suppliers worldwide and develop our designs in close collaboration with our skilled manufacturers who are all BSCI certified. We hope that you can feel how much effort and love we have put in every piece of clothing when you receive it and we look forward to seeing you style it with your own personal touch.