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Second Floor
IT’S GOT TO FEEL RIGHT. Designed in Denmark - Produced in Europe LAURIE is a Danish clothing company that has operated under the slogan "It's got to feel right." since 1987. For us, this means that our clothes must be comfortable to wear while being produced with a sustainable mindset. 
At LAURIE we love the classics - the timeless items of the wardrobe, because we believe that long-lasting products
deserves a well-considered design. Because they are reliable and comfortable to wear. The long-term perspective is essential in our design philosophy, and it is woven into our history, both when it comes to material selection and passion for perfect fits. LAURIE is for women of all ages who appreciate exceptional quality and unsurpassed comfort. LAURIE goes to great lengths to create the perfect pair of trousers of high quality and with a great fit, designed and produced with a continous focus on sustainability. We believe that a heavy focus on sustainability should go hand in hand with fashion production, and we are constantly improving the way we make products, work with suppliers and educate our staff. We look at the world with a sustainable perspective, and our trust in textiles continues to grow. That's why we in 2016 became the first female brand in Denmark to be STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified – and since then, the Nordic Ecolabel has also been added. “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. While our consumers have a choice, we do feel we have an obligation” LENA TREND, OWNER