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Ground Floor
DAY ET creates products for life on the move and is devoted to leaving the smallest footprint possible. The brand believes bags should be worn, used and lived in because a bag is not just a bag. DAY ET produces bags and lifestyle accessories for modern women living life in constant motion, and their classic tote bag is one of the most sold bag in Scandinavia. DAY ET work with recycled materials and with acknowledged third-party certification standards to ensure more sustainable business practices. In addition, they see certifications as a tool to provide trustworthy sustainable products for consumers, preventing brands from greenwashing. 70% of all new designs in 2021, where made of recycled materials. DAY ET’s recycled product line is certified by Global Recycle Standard. The certification ensures that a product sold as “recycled” is produced from recycled material. It also guarantees products are produced in ethical social and working environments and inhibits the use of certain chemicals.