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Ground Floor
Design Agger is a slow fashion brand that uses outdated garments and turns them into new unique items at their own workshop in Denmark. The brand strives to make timeless clothes for modern women. The workshop is part of their shop with an in-house café. Design Agger sells various products, including local produce, crafts, and Fairtrade goods. Longevity The Denim Kimono is designed to last 30 years to minimize resource consumption. 70+ patches and many seams make a strong and long-lasting design, further reinforced with lots of quilting. To avoid the use of virgin materials the lining is upcycled from men’s shirts. Design Agger encourages consumers to extend product life by repairing the Denim Kimono if needed either by themselves or by using their free repair service. A small repair kit comes with the kimono and a DIY instruction is to be found on their website. The addition of new patches and quilting will add further value to the garment and also make it more personal and unique. The kimono is in a constant process. How they work on circular economy Design Agger's workshop on the edge of Nationalpark Thy is mainly run by renewable energy. It comes from solar panels on their roof, and on cloudy days, electricity is delivered by wind turbines in the area, enabling them to have very low CO2 emissions. Raw materials are sourced from the local waste plant and nearby 2nd hand stores that discard jeans with holes. Design Agger upcycles used textiles on-site into patchwork-based designs. The kimonos feature many pairs of jeans and show how upcycling keeps materials in use longer, even after their initial purpose ends. Due to local sourcing of materials and local production, transportation is kept at a minimum. Design Agger is created with a vision to create greater awareness of climate-friendly production and show customers that waste can be beautiful.