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Ground Floor

We want to challenge what is established, break out from the norm, target the niche and guide people towards the choice of better and more durable products. We want to create an ELSK-universe which can inspire people to choose high-quality products and provide knowledge and consciousness about how the fashion industry works. Our main focus is to build a remarkable company and show our love for what we do. Therefore, we create products of superior quality and run our business in an innovative and lean way. We want to be a market leader in sustainable and circular clothing. For us, it is crucial to focus on leaving as small a footprint as possible and treating nature with respect.

We want to build a community around our brand and our vision. A tribe of people who identify themselves with our values and engage with us towards a common goal. Therefore, we interact with our customers, by communicating with them, among others through social media, and by building a personal relationship with them. We are committed to sharing our values with our customers and the people we collaborate with.