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First Floor
110, 111
From one generation to the next, FALKE's development has been - and continues to be - shaped by curiosity, our willingness to experiment, our readiness to learn and the drive to constructively overcome inevitable internal and external resistance to innovation. A wide range of our company's product innovations have achieved market acceptance: the rapid realization that sports hosiery must meet completely new needs, and the idea of left and right socks and hosiery having a high value led to the comprehensive ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM in the 1990's - and a rejuvenated FALKE brand. We have developed specialized products with added benefits for many different lifestyle applications. Functional legwear is only successful if its aesthetics inspire people on an emotional level. This insight has led to the development and successful marketing of many FALKE innovations. That's what drives us. For more than 125 years and going forward: WITH YOU EVERY STEP.