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The Moose is Loose! Fat Moose was founded in Scandinavia back in 2010 and has remained true to its roots of traditional craftmanship, performance wear, modern technology and adventure. Since then, the brand has become a cult phenomenon finding its position as an outdoor performance brand for the modern man. Focused around the passion for extreme sports and adventure the use of high quality fabrics and breathable materials is key to Fat Moose. Our collections have focus on durable, comfortable rain wind- and storm proof lightweight jackets that are as tough as armor, but also with a fashion perspective in mind. High quality and outdoor focused outerwear, whether you are going shopping or hiking. If you prefer your clothing to actually serve as protection from the elements, but still care about style. Fat Moose is your number one brand. We are well established in a whole variety of countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Japan. Get ready for the adventure!