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In our fast-paced society, time too easily passes us by and we end up missing the finer details in life. When we founded forét in 2014, it was an old-time sense of the great outdoors we sought to recapture. No phones, no social media, just two friends growing up, playing together in the forests surrounding our hometown in rural Denmark. forét covers all sides of the contemporary wardrobe. It’s in this variety and versatility that the true appeal of our brand can be found. At forét we look to revitalise childhood memories of the great outdoors. As such, the collection proffers a sense of nostalgia and modern functionality that appeals to something in us all, no matter whether city-based or living in the open country. Every piece we make seeks to blur the line between outdoor clothing and casual staples, retaining our signature sense of stillness and simplicity. Our collections offer a chance to take in the rolling hills, heave a deep breath of fresh, countryside air, and escape the speed of change for a moment.