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Ground Floor
Style setters
When Francon was founded 2021 in Rotterdam the creative director May Kaan and architect Kees Kaan created a womenswear label whose aesthetic represents a modern, iterative approach to dressing, inspired by functional archetypes in timeless architecture. This architectural input proved an unlikely source of inspiration for an alternative way of thinking about, designing and manufacturing womenswear. Francon’s five foundational lines are architectural archetypes. From the practical luxury of Chalet to the festive exuberance of Palazzo, each evokes and encapsulates a distinct and pleasurable way of being in the world. The first iteration of the Lake House line is inspired by the lakeside home that May and Kees are building in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Choosing the highest standards of quality and unique designs, Francon's editions correspond to specific situations and the moods they evoke, rather than the distracting edicts of the fashion system.