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Ground Floor
FRIGG pacifiers are all about providing safe, healthy, and soothing choices for our little ones. Our brand’s focus is motherly love. The inspiration comes from the Norse Mythology, and more specifically the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility called Frigg. Frigg fought to protect children at all costs, while providing them safety and comfort. Her motherly love is the soul of our pacifiers, and this creates a natural bond between FRIGG and children. As long as FRIGG is a part of a child’s life, motherly love filled with safety and soothing comfort will always be present. When developing and producing our FRIGG pacifiers, we focus on durability, recycling, and robustness. We always look for ways to optimize sustainability in our material choices. Currently the pacifier shields are made of recyclable polypropylene (PP plastic), and we constantly take an active part in reducing new production by implementing sustainable ways of manufacturing. With FRIGG we simply wish to offer what’s best for both our precious little human beings and our planet.