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Ground Floor
WE’VE BEEN HONORING THE ICONS SINCE 1949. Together with a few other brands, we invented the Ivy League Look and what we know as American Sportswear. But a legacy means nothing unless you nurture and cultivate it. As Creative Director, I turn to our archives daily for inspiration. When creating the GANT 240 Mulberry St collection, I took inspiration from GANT’s rich history as a brand born in the US and broughtup in Europe. Hence, every piece in this collection tells a story — of GANT, our story, and American Sportswear. It holds all the summer favorites, elevated and modernized to perfection: shirts in luxe silk and crisp cotton, perfectly washed blue denim, tailored light jackets, and sun-bleached college jerseys. And unsurprisingly, elevated and updated takes on the Oxford cloth button-down shirt, the one true icon that set everything in motion for us as a brand back in 1949. The collections are wardrobes built on premium qualityand elevated pieces based on the sportswear classics with references to the ‘90s and New York Cool. And speaking of the US, our dreamy little space on 240 Mulberry Street is finally open, capturing the essence of New York style boiled down to this demiglaze of über-cool and zero f**ks given in the microcosmos of American Sportswear that is Nolita. And yes, premium quality comes at a cost, but at GANT, that cost always comes with a ton of added value. The value of durable materials, skillful manufacturing, design integrity, and true craftsmanship.