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GreenEtiq Denmark is an exclusive award winning organic certificed & 100% vegan skincare brand, launched on the Danish market in 2020. Min. 95% organic ingrediens, sustainable agriculture, a production just next to all the wonderful fields, groves and platations, which secures that all products are packed with vitamins, minerals, moisture etc., which in the end has great and fast visible results on the skin. GreenEtiq has won the following awards since the launch in 2020: *YEAR 2023: Skonhetsredaktorerne Aftonbladet Sweden: Beauty Oscar as ”Best organic skincare brand”. *YEAR 2022: Nordic Natural Beauty Awards: Most price-winning brand. Winning 3 out of 4 categories. *YEAR 2021: Global MakeUp Awards Scandinavia: Gold & Bronze winner, at both registred products. *YEAR 2021: Danish Beauty Awards: Nominated as: ”New brand of the year” We are very proud about our serious and very detailed certification, done by Natrue Organic, which is looking into a long list of parameters, such as content of Organic ingrediens, Vegan friendly ingrediens, the complete logistic chain, that the printing and claims on each product is correct and according to the formula and kind of ingrediens inside the product. Further the packaging has to be approved, as it has to take as less ressources from our dear world as possible. GreenEtiq is delivered in pump-packagings and air-less pumps, which secures a long shelf life and all the wonderful vitamins, moisture and forces of the products, -further it is very practical and avoids dirty fingers and bacteria in the products. It is a clear and strong strategy, to avoid all unnessesary use of ressources, which is why GreenEtiq is delivered without Sales-cartons as well as bigger printet labels, -we have printet directly on the primary packaging, which is working very fine and further securing that the end costumer has all the information, about the product, the entire life of the product. Until now we have only received 5 star reviews at TrustPilot, for the SkinCare range, -and we are of course crossing our fingers, hoping it will proceed as well as we know, that only hard and dedicated work can secure this kind of feed back, which is why, Don´t compromise, is a key word at GreenEtiq !