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Ground Floor
SHOES OF WASTE Two years ago, we established the Dutch brand and company GREYDER L A B - A golden combination of Dutch design and Turkish craftsmanship with the aim of making the world a better place with a product everyone uses every day: shoes. With our vision of WECARE coupled with our LOVE for life, design, materials, and innovation, we create FUNKY SHOES OF WASTE. That’s right! We create FOOTWEAR FASHION made up to 90% of RECYCLED materials with the aim of going 100% & VEGAN in 2022. We use materials such as coffee waste, old tires, PET bottles fished from the Mediterranean Sea, used t-shirts and jeans, as well as cactus, sugarcane, and coconut. We at GREYDER L A B are compelled by our responsibility to reduce waste while giving back to the community and the world we live in. We stay true to our mission with our Forrest Fund and project People R Human 2. We are tomorrow and so are you. #GREYDERLAB #SHOESOFWASTE